Alex Szasz

Alex Szasz

IT Technologist

Lund, SE
English, Romanian, French




So far, my career has taken me over a very wide area of the IT industry. From level one support to company management, software development to ERP implementation, system administration to data base administration and query writing to business intelligence. All this has helped me in numerous occasions to have a much wider vision than the people around me.

Work Experience

Work Experience

  • Chief Technical OfficerPriceEdge

    Oct, 2015 - Present

    Developed a pricing solution, included in the 2019 Market Guide for B2B Price Optimization and Management Software by Gartner. Lead the development of components used to scrape and match data, and generate AI driven suggestions for pricing.

    • React

    • Microsoft SQL Server

    • .Net

    • Logi Analytics

  • ManagerThink2Solve

    Feb, 2012 - Sep, 20153 years 8 months

    Part of a two-man management team to handle the business in Eastern Europe.

    • Provide both leadership and mentorship for employees

    • Create and plan the implementation of operational processes inside the business

    • Propose business development strategies

    • Conduct recruitment interviews

    • Provide financial reporting to stakeholders

  • Reporting Team LeaderRideau Recognition Solutions

    Feb, 2011 - Sep, 20154 years 8 months

    Lead the team developing the embedded reporting platform and building a new team to start a flagship project

    • Using Logi XML (Logi Info, currently Logi Analytics)

    • Develop reporting projects based on predefined requirements (Dashboards, Static Reports, Analysis Grid, KPIs)

    • Integrate Logi XML projects inside larger parent web applications

    • Build and optimize MS SQL queries and stored procedures

    • Design and develop a multilingual, cross-projects, scalable system to allow the reports to be presented in multiple languages

    • Design and develop a GUI to manage the scheduled tasks, connecting to the Logi Scheduler Services

    • Find work-arounds dealing with various bugs within the Logi XML solution

    • Provide technical leadership to the other team members

    • Participate in meetings to give technical solutions

    • Provide estimates based on project requirements

    • Provide backup for the team manager when taking days off

    • Using MS Visual Studio/C#

    • Develop plugins for use with Logi XML projects

    • Start a new flagship project using MVC with Logi Analytics integration, Single Sign On (SSO), SCORM player

    • Build the team to develop above project

    • Provide technical leadership to team members

    • Provide agile methodology guidance

    • Assist Business Analysts in writing specifications

  • Senior Software DeveloperConvex Network

    Nov, 2007 - Jan, 20113 years 2 months

    Develop custom web applications based on customer's requirements. Write functional requirements documents. Implement MS CRM. Implement bunsiness process software

    • Implement MS CRM with TAPI plugin and PBX

    • Developed custom ASP.Net web applications

    • Developed multiple business processes using ASP.Net, Web Services and AgilePoint BPMS

  • IT ConsultantBAteam

    Nov, 2007 - Jan, 20113 years 2 months

    Project based IT consultancy

    • Navision implementation audit

  • Support Team Leader, Flanco Intl

    Jul, 2007 - Oct, 20074 months

    25% improvement in quality and response time of the support service

    • Develop new and support existing ASP/ASP.Net applictions

    • Part of the team implementing the MS Navision ERP

    • Level 2 ERP support for HQ and stores

    • Develop new modules in Navision

    • Support team management

    • Training key ERP users

    • Training the support team to solve known issues

  • Software Developer & Database Administrator (DBA)Flanco Intl

    Feb, 2005 - Jun, 20072 years 5 months

    Develop new and support existing ASP/ASP.Net applictions. Part of the team implementing the MS Navision ERP. Level 2 ERP support for HQ and stores

    • Successful implementation of Navision 4.0 at HQ and 60 stores

    • IT support tool built in ASP

    • ASP.Net application for monitoring competitors prices

    • Desktop .Net application to parse specific website

    • Continuous optimization of the ERP and Database

    • Automation of data integrity checks running daily and emailing the results

  • Helpdesk OfficerFlanco Intl

    Oct, 2004 - Feb, 20055 months

    Ensure IT support for the chain's stores via email, phone and remote connection.



  • Development
    C#ASP.NetReactJSMicrosoft SQL ServerAWSAzure
  • Reporting
    Logi AnalyticsSisenseExcel
  • Management
    Agile/SCRUMCompany ManagementProject ManagementCommunication


  • Pedigree Dogs - Romanian Carpathian Shepherd

  • Photography

  • DIY



  • Velimir Krstov, Technical consultant at A-Solutions, November 2016

    I had the privilege of working with Alexandru in C# MVC project for few months at Think2Solve. In short amount of time, that we worked together, Alexandru was very devoted, highly creative and a very easy-going person to work with. He has never hesitated to provide support when needed. Alexandru showed excellent technical management skills as his focus and effort kept everything moving smoothly in the project.

  • Talal Chaihaytli PMI, Team Lead (IT) - Rideau Recognition Solutions, November 2015

    Alexandru did not fail me a single time. Alexandru a dedicated, ambitious and result driven leader. Careful co-worker. If you ever need someone to deliver under pressure, no slip-ups, just results, Alexandru is your man! Is ready to deal with difficult situations and solve the problems on time. Service Category: IT Consultant Year first hired: 2011 Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time